Okay, the site is no longer ugly. It's just boring. Progress is progress people. Try to be more like me and focus on the positive.

Aug 28, 2006

busted again

Okay, I just got caught by a supervisor doing nothing again. I was checking my personal email this time. He came up to me and asked if I need anything to do. I said "yes, please. I can always use more work." Which is so totally true. I'm sick of asking for more to do which is why I didn't today. At least he didn't catch me checking the Sims2 message boards or checking out bravotv.com for more Project Runway dish. I'm such a dork...

tried and true

Well I guess no one really liked the "lies" of my previous email because I didn't get any comments. And don't we all judge out success by the number of comments we can generate? So we'll go back to the tried and true, where I'm "honest" and what not.

It's such a rainy day here. I want to crawl back into bed and listen to it rain on the roof of my apartment. BUT truth be told, I'd like to be in bed whether it's raining or not. It seemed especially hard to drag my butt out of bed today. It's so creepy when I look out my wall of windows and see such a gloomy scene. I swear it looks like evening out there. Nothing makes the day seem longer than everlasting evening.

I have a new obsession to add to my list. There is an expansion pack to the game I play all the time. The Sims2. Okay I don't play all the time, but I get re-addicted to it every few months. Well they've set a vague release date of "fall" for their pets addition to the game. All last week I re-rechecked their website for a firmer date than "fall," but couldn't find much other than some people speculating on message boards. So each day I check. I'm such loser... I know you don't have to say it.

Aug 25, 2006

finally someone's updated this stupid thing!

Been a rather blah week. Not much to write about really... So because my life is so boring, I will proceed to lie to you for the rest of today's blog. This is your only warning of my upcoming deceptions.

I am so excited about my upcoming vacation. Brian and I have been traveling so much over the last few years, but this trip should really take the cake. We're going international and taking a tour of non-American English speaking countries. We've been planning this for so long now! The first week we'll be in jolly ol' England. This should be a pretty good time of year to go there. I wouldn't want to go when the weather would be too rainy after all. The only thing I think I don't want to do there is go on that huge ferris wheel thing they've got. No way is Brian getting me up on that thing! Week two we'll be going to Australia - down under! My travel agent has found the most wonderful outback style spa and resort there. A week of relaxation and massages. I can hardly wait. I know we'll be quite jet lagged when we get home, but it will be worth it. Wish me bon voyage!

Aug 17, 2006


My evening last night was dominated by a headache. Even after taking (over the course of the night) 8 aspirin, the thing still lingered there on the edges of my mind. I hate that. My original plan for the evening was to take some pictures of the area for my sister and then work on a feelance job. But when I got home I had this sh!tty headache, and Brian asked if I wanted to go to the movies. At first I said no, but I was in such a rotten mood, I said f#ck it, let's go. Besides he has to work the next couple of evenings so we couldn't hang out together again until maybe Saturday. We saw the Will Ferrell racing movie. (P.S. very funny) While my mood improved considerably, the high volume setting on the theater didn't do much for the original headache problem. Then when we got home, I had to get to work. I ended up working on my project until 1:30 in the morning. Doh! I paid the price for my procrastination!

So anyways. Here is a look at the project from last night. A woman I work with is on the Cheerleading Boosters for her daughter's high school. She needed buttons to be made up for the Boosters to sell at the football games. The school's colors are black, white and silver which translates to grayscale in other words. But the individual class buttons, I made color for fun. And the football teams unofficial anthem is AC/DC "Back on Black." If they hate the colored ones they can print them black and white. So here they are...

Aug 16, 2006

pockets of time

I am guilt free blogging today. I completed my assignment from yesterday, I have alerted my bosses that I am available for a new one and now I wait. The weird thing about being an intern is the lack of responsibility. I don't have a large on going project that is my responsibility to monitor and get out. I just sit here and ask for work when I'm out. Part of me likes this and thinks that is just fine (It's the same part that sees my paycheck every week.) and part of me wishes that I were like the permanent staff with a clear and defined roll in the system that is making a school text book. I'd have a deadline or goal I'm working to achieve (...and a bigger paycheck to go with it too.)

Then on a completely different note... I am looking forward to school starting again. I want to walk around between classes and enjoy the fresh air. I want to dress comfy and sloppy and be fine with it. I want to sit on the bus and read instead of having to drive myself to work. But of course, when you check back on this blog after a few months of being back at school, I'm sure I'll be wishing it were all over too and I were back at work. I just can't be happy?!

Aug 14, 2006


You can disregard the blog below pretty much. I forgot I have to work on a freelance piece tonight and tomorrow. DOH! How could I forget! So much for free time...

work bloggin'

I'm trying to get back into my work bloggin' habits. I just can't find the drive to blog from home... so keep a lookout and let me know if you see anyone coming....

The house is now empty of house guests. Of course, this means it need a fresh round of cleaning. With 4 people instead of 2 in a confined space, they house got twice as dirty, twice as fast. I was looking around the messy apartment last night, hoping that my guests would just try to remember how tidy the joint had been upon their arrival. Good first impressions hopefully will win out over last impressions.

What will I do with my evening tonight? The procrastination over school planning and French studying can't be put off any longer. BUT I'm in the middle of the last Harry Potter book, so we'll see who wins this power struggle for my attention tonight. Plus this will be the first night to just hang with the hubby so maybe we'll see a movie or something. Who knows. Life is once again an open book!

Aug 4, 2006

messy is in the details

Well, the husband really pulled through! He did some serious cleaning of the ol'homestead. Which was fantastic. There are some details that still need handled. You know, I walk by the dead plants on our porch every day and don't even notice them. But I'm thinking a guest might...

BUSTED! I am blogging at work and a supervisor just walked up with a co-worker I've never met. He needed some papers and wanted to know how far into the project I'd gotten. DOH! Clearly I must get to work now. Ugh.

Aug 2, 2006

growing concerned

Two days until I have a houseguest. EEeek. Well the curtains wont' be done in time, that's for sure. The hubby said he'd clean the house, but he's been working a lot lately too. I think we'll focus on the critical areas of the house. Originally I wanted to clean my bedroom too, but that's out. I'll have to stick to the main rooms. Wish me luck because all I really want to do when I go home is veg out. I need some down time bad!

I'm also not getting enough sleep. My brain feels extra sluggish and I had to DRAG my butt out of bed. I was late for work, too. It's never a good day, when you open your eyes in the morning and you don't feel like you've gotten any rest.

I'm in a bit of trouble with the hubby I think. I tried to reset our computer passwords the other day. Quite frankly I'm just sick of typing it in. So I tried to make it so that the computer would just stop asking. But I must have skrewed something up for him because I was shaken awake and bruskly asked what I had done. I fixed it before I left for work which also contirbuted to the lateness. Oops. I hate all the passwords I have to remember!