Okay, the site is no longer ugly. It's just boring. Progress is progress people. Try to be more like me and focus on the positive.

May 9, 2008

down and out cold

It's been a rough week. I've been ill. (Please send money in lieu of flowers and cards.) I've either had a weak flu or a strong cold. I'm not sure which. The only thing I am sure of is that it made me very, very, very tired and muddled my brain much more than usual. Although I have been sick since Monday, I have trudged into work for half the week because 1) they can't live without me and 2) I don't want to let them think they ever could live without me. Not to mention the fact that I believe sick days should be stored up in case I get cancer. You never know, and it's best to be prepared.

I'm back in the saddle again today. While my head feels much clearer, I've been coughing a lot. The only good thing about being sick was I got a chance (at least one night this week) to play GTAIV. (Grand Theft Auto IV for those of you not in the know.) I am now utterly addicted. It truly is an awesome game, and I am once again caught up in the throws of being a bad apple in a big a city. I'm looking forward to going home tonight and starting up the 'ol xbox and taking a spin around Liberty City.

Let us not forget it's mother's day this weekend. I plan to do the annual pilgrimage to the see the moms. While I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, I hope I can keep my energy levels up for the hanging with the family. Secretly, I think I'd rather plant myself on the couch and continue my GTA crime sprees, but it's mother's day and they only get one lousy day after all...

May 1, 2008

a g.d. award

I am a winner.

No Ed didn't show up at my house with one of those giant checks... if only! But I can now say I am an award winning graphic designer. At the very least I can say that I am part of an award winning department. Yesterday at a luncheon over chicken and rolls, my team won an award for the research report I designed. Since we only entered 3 items into the contest, it was quite a long shot that we'd win. But, we got lucky. We took first place in the Annual Report (Non-Profit) category. It was quite an honor. We were up against agencies and larger organizations, and yet our little squad came up tops.

Luckily, we convinced the boss lady to do the walk up to the podium. The mere thought of getting up in front of a ballroom full of people would have made me quite nervous. Fear not avid reader, I did not miss my Oscar moment. There were no rushed words of thanks with an awkward swell of exit music. The acceptees simply walked up and grabbed the piece of fancy plastic and sat down. Now the best part of the award is having it displayed in my cube. (Its in mine because that is where we store the annual reports and in order to display the award next to the award winning report, it must therefore be stored in my cube. Plus I have a double-wide cube which allows for the crowds of lookie-loos.) I may put up some little velvet ropes or something for the crowd control...

Here's a pic of the report and the award. Feel free to bask in the greatness...