Okay, the site is no longer ugly. It's just boring. Progress is progress people. Try to be more like me and focus on the positive.

Dec 29, 2005

on the sly

Okay, I'm at work. I have a total of ten minutes before "the man" gets back to witness me not working on anything work related. Sorry for the breavity of my last few blogs people. My life hasn't been all that exciting while I've been on break. It'll get kicked up a notch or two next week when my classes start back up.

I was recently talking with a friend about surgery shows. How can people watch those things? I like watching the before part and then seeing the patient afterwards. I have to change the channel during the surgery though. I don't like knowing how my body looks on the inside. It takes out all the mystic I've tried to build up for myself. Its the same reason I didn't like physics in high school. Where is the magic in the universe if you can explain everything? Basically all sciences are no good. Mankind should revert to blaming fairies, ticked-off dieties and luck to all aspects of their lives. I didn't forget where I left my keys, elves moved them. It makes sense!

This was bit ranty, but if you know me, it isn't weird.

(Sorry about spelling mistakes. The stupid spell check isn't working for me!)

Dec 28, 2005

home sweet, sweet home

Well, I'm pleased to report that my apartment is just as I left it before vacating for the holiday. While I enjoyed my aunt's hospitality, there truly isn't any place like home. For some reason I was afraid someone would break in and take all our great stuff, like the tv and the action figures. No one broke in and pilfered our stuff. Some part of me was secretly hoping someone would break in and instead of making a mess, they'd clean instead. Sort of a reverse robbery where they scrub the bathtub and leave a mint on your pillow. No such luck.

Dec 25, 2005


It's like a Christmas "Where's Waldo?" game.
Can you find me in this picture?

(This is from Christmas day at my Aunt Irene's house.)

Merry Christmas!

Dec 22, 2005

Obsession isn't just a perfume...

I have my new obsession. I love Project Runway. For those of you who are crazy enough not to be watching, let me fill you in a little. We are up to episode 4 of the new season. They have chosen a fine new crop of crazy people to join this year's contestents. This week's challenge was for the designers to come up with an underwear line (ala Victoria's Secret) for the host Heidi Klume. The guy I have pictured is USUALLY the one of the best designers, but as you can see, he's lost his mind this week. He tried to have a Germanic theme to his. If you can beleive it, they did not elimiate him this week. They got rid of the guy who they felt was unoriginal, and my guy picutred here was at the very least trying to be original.

Now I haven't gotten to the obsession part... I taped and watched the new episode yesterday which is fine. However, I will rewatch it at least once with Brian (the reason I taped it), then I will get caught up in it if I catch a rerun over the course of the next few weeks. And if you know Bravo, you know I'll be watchin it quite a bit. I saw last week's episode three times.

I just love the drama and the forced/manic creativity this show puts out. Plus when I was a young pre-teen girl, I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer.

Dec 16, 2005

finally a picture!

Well, I've been promising a few pictures for the fans, and here they are. Now I didn't clean for the viewing audience. I wanted to keep it real and gritty. When you're living on the margin scraping to get by, you don't have time to clean.

However, Brian and I did have time to go see King Kong today. While it was a very good movie with inspired special effects, it was a little long in my opinion. I mean, if it hadn' t been so long maybe I could have strainged up a bit before taking photos.

I better head off. It's late and I have to make some cookies for a holiday party tomorrow. The best part of the holidays are eating raw cookie dough!

Don't you just love the air conditioner behind the Christams tree? It just screams "festive!"

Dec 14, 2005

what was I thinking?!

I made a mistake today.

Well, first of all Brian is sick. Now on the one hand, this is terrible since he's tired and coughing with a sore throat. It is especially terrible because he will drag himself to work tonight to do manual labor for 4-6 hours. However, this does have a small, itty-bitty upside. He claims to never get sick. I've been married to him for nearly 6 years so I know this a lie or some sort of male denial. While I don't enjoy his illness, I do enjoy his being wrong. I hope my marriage lasts another 6 years dispite these feelings...

Back to me and the mistake. Since he is sick I drove to work today. I don't have a campus parking pass because there is a campus bus which goes right by my house. BUT, they've stopped running the bus over winter break. Just my luck. Brian's been driving me the last few days, BUT I say again, he's sick. He was pathetic when he tried to get up, so I told him I'd drive and park in the pay to park deck. Walking would have taken too long, and I didn't want to be late to work. I'll save that until 6 months into the job at least. I figured the deck would cost about $3 or so. Turns out it's $6. Now this may not seem like big money to most of you out there, but that's my fun money for the week. I guess Starbucks will have to go without my business for the week. I hope they can continue to keep their doors open during this temporary setback.

This is the mistake I made. What happened to my life that $6 is a hardship. While I am soo glad to be in school, I miss disposable income. Those of you out there with real jobs who don't think they have disposable income, consider $6. If that doesn't seem like a big deal, you actually do have disposable income. I miss mine...

Dec 13, 2005

trapped and knotted

You can tell when you hate your job when a knot forms at the base of your neck exaclty one hour into the work day every day. I am trapped here like a bug on a windshield. I have no idea why I agreed to work from 9-5 the past two days. I remind myself that college COURSES are why I'm here not this little campus job. I would be fine if this knot would go away. I mean, it's actually painful. My boss has caught me rubbing neck so many times now it's getting embarrassing. Now I should just shut the hell up. "It's not that bad a job. How hard can typing, filing and answering the phone be," you say. "My job is much harder than yours." You have a valid point, but this job is literally a pain in the neck.

There's light at the end of long tunnel though. Tomorrow I work half a day and then it's sweet, sweet freedom for 6 glorious days. "What will I do with my 6 days of unfettered freedom," you ask? I will do as little as possible -obviously. Well that's not true, I have tons to do. I need to clean my pathetically dirty apartment. I swore up and down to myself all quarter that the bathroom would get the scurbbing of a lifetime when winter break started. Plus I need to throw out all the statistics homework that's piled on my dining room floor. (Dining room is a fancy title for the room I study in.) If I get it clean enough I'll unclude a picture on this blog.

PLUS, I have a great deal of reading to do. I spent my Autumn quarter reading important literature, and it totally cut into my Harry Potter and Stephen King plans. I plan to rectify that as well over the break. But for now, I sit behind this desk and smile when people enter the room and ask, "can I help you?" I hope I at least sound convincing...