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Dec 15, 2006

feet dragging

My office is having their holiday party. The other student assistants are gone for the break. So it's just me. I'm not good at socializing. I don't' want to go down their again... Well, I forced myself to go to the auditorium where they are having this shin-dig, but there was such a long line for the food... I bailed and headed back for my desk. All I want is get my free food and hide out at my desk for a while. Is that so much to ask? I wish I were one of those gregarious, outgoing people that don't need a month to get comfortable with people. Even people I know a little make me nervous. Plus, I hate that awkward small talk junk. I'm not good at it anyways. Okay, here I go for attempt 2 to get some food... wish me luck.

happy holidays.