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Oct 31, 2006

happy halloween

I wish I had a costume today. While I haven't really had the time or the creative energy to work on one, I wish I had made one. Heck, I wish I'd gotten the ol'Halloween decorations out. I haven't even done that. Really the only celebratory thing I've done this year is eat too much chocolate already. Which isn't a necessarily good thing... It's raining today. I hope it doesn't last too long so that the kiddies won't have to trek thru it. The best Halloweens were when it was cold enough that the leaves were falling, dry enough to cut through yards and warm enough not to have to wear a dumb winter coat. How many great costumes are ruined by a winter coat!? too many, that's what I say.

At work today there was a costume party. I thought the best costume was this guy who came as a bartender. He wore a tuxedo shirt and bowtie. But the best part was that he BUILT a portable bar for himself to stand behind. It was complete with a mirror behind and the bar and attached stools in the front. It was quite elaborate. The other costume I liked this year was some kid who wore an Optimus Prime costume. He clearly made it himself. I was quite impressed with that as well. Maybe next year I can be Optimus Prime?

Oct 30, 2006

check it out <-------

Please check out the hubby's new blog at sketchscape!

parlez-vous francais?

me neither...

Bonjour! I hate French. Well, that's not true. I hate learning French. Yes, that is much more accurate. I've painted myself into a very fine corner at the moment. I have until Friday to learn an entire chapter of French. Why, oh, why did I procrastinate this! I should have been working on this all weekend! --or at least on Sunday for heavens sake. I am currently locked in the library. I'm sure my pounding on the keyboard is bothering all the acctually studious students behind me. Well, screw them. Wow, this keyboard is very clicky. I kind of like it. It makes me feel like I'm typing really fast.

Oct 10, 2006

i've said it before...

...and I'll say it again. I hate throw away design assignments. I'm sick of creating logos for myself. Whether it's my full name or just a symbol, I keep getting this same assignment by various teachers. Here is my latest (and NOT greatest) version of my own personal logo.

If and when the day comes I actually need to make a logo design for myself, I won't be able to take it seriously. It's like interior designers who live out of moving boxes for years and never decorate their own place. Or the computer programmer who doesn't own a home computer. Or the elementary school teacher who doesn't want children. Sometimes the things you do for work just seem like work when you have to do it for yourself.

Oct 9, 2006

a moments rest

I just took my second French test (or as my good friend calls them my "freedom" test). The 2nd of a scheduled 10. I passed so I am going to reward myself with no French homework tonight! This is quite a treat, let me tell you. Even yesterday (Sunday) I was at the library studying French. So lucky me is in the computer lab preparing to actually do some work for my other classes. This is good because I've neglected them a bit as of late.

On an unrelated note...
I am so excited! It totally is feeling like fall now. The leaves are changing and falling just a bit. The weather has turned and there is that fall smell in the air. All I need now is some hot cider from ye ol'Starbucks and a pumpkin for my porch. Not that I have a porch... it's more of a stairway, but whatever. OOoooOOh, let's pretend to that I'll get some of those dried corn stalk things too for the the "porch." I love autumn.