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Nov 20, 2006


What a relief.

I went into this past weekend in a terrible mood. Due to some sort of mix up and a misunderstanding, I thought I was totally screwed over in French course. I missed a couple of appointments with the French department. (I'm taking a French course where you make one-on-one appointments instead of attending a regularly scheduled class.) Now I knew I'd missed these 2 appointments, but it was the first ones I'd ever missed and you are only penalized if you miss a total of 4. Due to some mix up, the department thought I'd missed 2 previously and those plus the 2 I actually missed brought me to 4. So they dropped all my appointments for the next two weeks. Well, school is only in session for another two weeks! I'd would be near to impossible to get all my work done. With no appointments, I'd have to wait around their offices in hopes that someone wouldn't show up for an appointment. With the end of the quarter looming this seemed unlikely to me. Then as if that weren't bad enough... I got a friendly reminder email from the department reminding me that all my French work had to be completed by Wednesday - a week and a half early! Now, I'd sat down with one of the grad students and made out a schedule of the quarter for myself and at no time did she mention this deadline. Well, I was in quite a snit by Friday. If I had to pass two French tests by Wednesday (with no appointments!) I would have to get cracking. I locked myself in the library Friday night, but things looked bleak.

Luckily on Saturday afternoon, the assistant director of the French department responded to my frantic emails and told me not to worry. He fixed it so I could make appointments again and told me the Wednesday deadline would not apply to me. Whew! I am so relieved that he could get back to me over the weekend. Everything is right with the world again.

The only down side is that I have to reschedule new appointments for myself. My previous appointments where all given away during the one day I was without my privilege. This puts me a little behind scheduled, but I am in much better shape now than I was on Friday!

Nov 16, 2006

dead end internet?

The internet is like one big, long, never-ending magazine. I'm not all that crazy about magazines. It's a lot of disposable information which tends to either be too trivial to remember or so timely it's outdated in a month. I don't want to bash too hard though; the internet is a wonderful source of information. It is my yellow pages, my movie directory and the host of most of my correspondence. It provides up the minute accurate information about goods and services. BUT when I sit down at the computer and star at the keyboard, I don't know where to go. I sort of click my tongue, my eyes roll around the perimeter of the screen, then I go and check my email. How is it that people (by this I mean my husband) can spend hours on the thing? What is there to do?

I am going to ask you guys to please let me know your favorite(s) website(s) that you would think I'd be interested in...

I'll go first, this one was given to me by Quiltbug's husband....


Nov 8, 2006

tricky lighting

It's been a busy week. For once I was able to back-burner French which is good because I've been working a lot on my 3-d assignment this week. I had to create an interior space in Maya. I have attached pictures below. The lighting is bad because I didn't know what I was doing, but I'm proud of it. The teacher really liked it. I made a movie moving through the room, but it was like 120mb file - a bit large for a blog. So you are stuck with the stand alone picks. I'm toying with the idea of redoing the lighting and then trying to render it out in MUCH higher detail, but of course, it will take much LONGER and be much BIGGER files. We'll see if I have time.

I'm thinking about skipping my class tomorrow. I usually don't skip, but I'm really tempted since we have Friday off. That would end my week on Thursday at 4pm.

Nov 2, 2006

that's not right

Okay, this isn't right. I just witnessed the oddest thing. So I go into the ladies room. A woman follows me in... eating an apple. First of all, why would you eat in the bathroom?! Not right #1. Then she jams the apple into her mouth and proceeds to thoroughly wash her hands. Then with the apple still jammed up into her mouth, she uses the restroom. So she has food in her mouth while she goes. Not right #2. Then, and this is the kicker, she leaves the restroom without washing her hands again. She grabs the apple out of her mouth and begins to eat again before the door to restroom is even shut again. Not right #3. AND, this is a full-grown adult woman I'm talking about here. She wasn't a student! I think she's an advisor for heavens sakes.

That is the grossest/craziest thing I saw in the ladies room all week. Number two (no pun intended) was hearing a girl on her cell phone while using the facilities. Where, oh where, has our bathroom etiquette gone?