Okay, the site is no longer ugly. It's just boring. Progress is progress people. Try to be more like me and focus on the positive.

Apr 17, 2008

two steps back, one small step forward

*Sobs* My trusty steed has failed me. My beloved workhorse laid down and died yesterday. I am of course referring to my dual-processor G5 silver, Mac tower. It died yesterday. *sobs uncontrollably now* I loved that machine. It was the computer of my designer dreams – lightening fast and able to run every program at the same time with no loss of function. Adobe filters on poster-sized images were no big deal. Oh, how I will miss those days. My defunct silver stead is now sitting behind my chair on the floor of cube. It looks so sad. It waits in limbo. If its warranty is still good, a repair is in its future. If it isn’t under warranty, *rivers of tears here* then it will most likely be replaced with a less powerful machine. According to the computer guy, spending 4 grand on a new machine may not be in the cards. BUT HE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND!!! I can’t go back. Not now, not ever. I’ve been to the promised land. I’ve seen the face of god, spoke his name and shook his hand. There is no going back.

To console me and to get me through these tough times, I’ve finally been given my laptop whose coming was foretold weeks ago. It’s a nice little laptop. PowerBook G4. Nothing awesome, but a good little machine for taking home and doing a little work. So that’s a good thing, right? It’s better than nothing. It’ll be fine. Yeah, it’ll be fine. Yeah, it’s gotta be fine. I’m sure the G5 is under warranty…. It has to be, right? It’s not that old… and the extended warranty would certainly be worth it on a machine that expensive, right? Surely someone in purchasing saw this day coming and prepared for the worst. I’ve just got to stay optimistic. Hmmm, I wish I were better at that sort of thing though…

Apr 8, 2008

it dawns a new day

It's been nearly a year. I'm sure my fan base has all but dried-up and rightfully so. But it's time to dust off the 'ol blog, and give it another try. I was reading some of my past blogs, and - if I may say so myself - I am hilarious. I'm sure my written genius will forgive my long sabbatical. But who am I kidding? A mass advertising campaign will have to begin. Every good designer knows that good advertising is way more valuable than actual content. It's like the second thing they teach you in school. (The first is always use spell check.)

So this is the first of the new! A new chapter! A fresh start! A ray of light pierces the darkness and the universe begins anew! Exciting stuff, eh?! Oh yeah, this is just a taste, baby. Hang in there.. it'll get even better! (Use a lot of exclamation points is the third thing they teach as it gets you all excited! Can you feel it?!)

Watch your emails and blog posts. The beast has awoken and will not be silenced.