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Jul 7, 2008

sparklers and hot dogs

Well it was the July 4th weekend... I miss it already. W00t! to 3 days off. I have already marked off my work calendar with the rest of the holidays for the year. I must wait another month before getting another day to fritter away. And sadly, I did fritter. Other than the dishes, I can't think of one constructive thing I did this weekend. Well I did run to the store too, but that was just to get hot dogs to grill on the foreman. No fireworks were witnessed and no sparklers were lit. It was a ho-hum day for the most part. The annual hot dogs were the hit really. But as a co-worker has often said to me, sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do on the weekend.

On another note, 2 WEEKS until we close on the condo. The countdown has begun without a single box being packed. The pipe is still busted, but my realtor has high hopes that a plumber may come out to fix it this week.

In other news... my headphones have broken. This is a big, big deal to me. I listen to the ol' ipod ALL DAY! I am one with the ipod. I bought some new ones, but they fit funny in my ear. I may have to make the pilgrimage to Circuit City to get the Sony ones that I've come to love so much. It's an unholy love, in that these are the 4th pair to break on me. About every 6 months I have to rebuy them. It's an evil conspiracy really. However, as this time once again proves, when I try out a different pair, I don't like them. So it's back to ol' faithful tomorrow.

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